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Need At Home STD Test to Know If You Contracted STD?

Get quick, confidential and accurate STD tests for Chlamydia, HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B Virus from the comfort of your home

Test up to 7 STDs in one package
Inclusive of doctor's consultation
Home sample collection
No time wasted at labs


You Think You Might Have STD? Find Out With Healthtracka

Before Healthtracka

You worry that you may have contracted one of the most common STDs.

You find taking an STD test a very embarrassing and awkward topic to talk about. Worried that getting tested for STDs is expensive.

After Healthtracka

Now, you can take an STD test from the comfort of your own home and receive accurate results in 2 days, you have the knowledge you need to get treated quickly, and you can have the results sent directly to your phone.


How Healthtracka's STD Test Works

Order Your Test

Order for your STD test online, select and pay for the preferred package.

Get Your Samples Taken

Choose to have our medical team come in for home sample collection or visit one of the partner labs near you for your sample collection.

Receive Your Results Online

Your digital results will be sent to your email within 72 hours of getting your samples taken.

Make Decisions On Your Health

You can view or download the results to share with your doctor.

*50 people signed up in the last week alone!

This Full STD Test Is For You If:

You’re a sexually active person and freaking out about your STD status
You are afraid of the stigma attached to STD testing and the tests themselves
You want to take an STD test from the comfort of your own home
You are looking for an STD rapid testing lab near your location
You want a lab test that gives immediate results within 1-3 days, affordable, convenient, saves medical bills, saves time, saves worry
You don't want to go to the doctor or general testing centres to get a STD test and want us to come to your home.

If this is you, then get your at-home STD test today to ensure your safety!


STD Test Price In Lagos



Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
HIV I & II + P24 Antigen
Syphilis (Screening)
Free Home Sample Collection*


Hepatitis B (Screening)
HIV (Screening)
Syphilis (Screening)
Free Home Sample Collection*
Single Test
Single Test


Hepatitis B








Hepatitis B Surface Antigen


HIV I & II + P24 Antigen


Our Customers Have Peace Of Mind When They Test At Healthtracka.

"My results came out on time as promised. Healthtracka is delivering their promise"


"I have never ordered a lab test online, they were professional from start to finish"


"I was very nervous but the process itself was not as bad as I thought it would be. They were professional and explained the STD tests I was taking and how they were going to collect my samples. Definitely a discrete and effective way to get tested for STDs."


"The results were sent to me faster than I expected. I was happy I received the results so quickly and I was also relieved. Such a convenient service, no one even knew that I was getting an STD test."


About Healthtracka

Healthtracka is a digital health platform that offers the best at home health tests in Lagos with easy to read diagnostics test results.

With Healthtracka, you can book your health screening test from the comfort of your home and get your test results within 1-3 days via email.

Our laboratory partners are the best private pathology laboratories at the forefront of diagnostic testing in Nigeria. our partner labs have the highest level of accreditations including ISO and MLSCN certifications.

All test results are reviewed and confirmed accurate by Medical professionals before being released.

STD Screening Test FAQs
Where is your location? I want to pick my result physically.

We are a digital health company and would only send your results by mail or through your health dashboard(coming soon)

I am afraid of needles, will this be painful?

We will be sending well-trained phlebotomists to take your samples. You should expect a painless experience.

After you take the samples, when will my result be ready?

Results are typically ready in 1-3 days after sample reaches the lab, except for microbiology tests that takes 7-10 days.

Is Healthtracka a medical laboratory?

No we are not a lab, we are a digital health platform focused on at-home testing in Africa, we have however partnered with accredited laboratories across the country to provide our users with accurate and reliable test results

I don’t understand my results, can you interprete for me?

Absolutely, we have health professionals on standby to review your result with you and provide actionable next steps.

What if any of my results comes back positive?

Our medical doctors will speak to you to get your history before any diagnosis. You are in good hands, we will make sure you get the best possible care.

Ready To Get Your At-Home STD Test Today?

Disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advicediagnosis, or treatment.

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