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Get Your Pre-Marital Screening Test Results Before You Tie The Knot

Get diagnostic test at home
Fast and accurate results
Inclusive of doctor's consultation
No time wasted at labs
Test results in 24 – 48 hours


Intending Couples in Nigeria have found Healthtracka’s Pre-marital Screening Test to be convenient, confidential, accurate and quick!

Before Healthtracka

You wonder if you are both fit for marriage, there is always that doubt in your mind "What if", "What if?" Getting a medical check up is expensive and time consuming.

After Healthtracka

Now, you're able to sleep well knowing you're both healthy. You know your risk for common, serious, and often fatal, hereditary health conditions. Helped save your marriage.


How The Pre-Marital Screening Test Works

Book Your Pre-Wedding Test

Order your pre-wedding test preferable package, select and pay for the package.

Get Your Samples Taken

Choose to have our medical team come in for home sample collection or visit one of the partner labs near you for your sample collection.

Receive Your Results Online

Your digital results will be sent to your email within 1-3 days of your samples getting to the lab.

Make Decisions On Your Health

You can view or download the results to share with your doctor.

*50 intending couples signed up in the last week alone!

This Pre-Marital Screening Test Is For You If:

You don't want to get a false sense of security.
You want to discover the positive health status of your bride or groom.
You want to take a pre-marital screening test but you don't know which lab is reliable.
You want to detect infectious diseases in your partner – Hepatitis B infection, HIV, HCV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
You want to identify carriers of genetic disorders, in order to assess the risk of having children with a severe form of disease e.g. Thalassemia, Haemophilia and Sickle Cell Disease.
You want to identify carriers of genetic disorders, in order to assess the risk of having children with a severe form of disease e.g. Thalassemia, Haemophilia and Sickle Cell Disease.

If this is you, then you should get your Pre-marital Screening Test today!


How Much Does Healthtracka Pre-Wedding Screening Test Cost In Lagos?



HIV Rapid
Blood Group
Pregnancy Test (Bonus for the Female)
Full Blood Count
Hepatitis B Screening
Hepatitis C Screening



HIV Rapid
Blood Group
Pregnancy Test (Bonus for the Female)
Pre-Wedding Couples Have Peace Of Mind When They Test At Healthtracka

"We were not sure and decided to take the Healthtracka test. It tested negative for any risks"


"We didn't want to be blindsided by knowing something about our future spouse that could be a problem down the road. Now we have a plan in place to address any concerns"


"We are glad that we went for the test and Healthtracka was fast"


"Thank you for helping me find out we are at risk or not"


"Family advised my fiance and I to do some tests before getting married. The process was convenient and we managed to do all the essential tests that we wanted."


"This is something I wanted to do but did not know how to bring it up. Thankfully, my partner was receptive when I suggested we do Healthtracka’s at home Pre-Wedding test. They came to my house and were kind and professional."

Pre-Marital Screening Test FAQ
My fiance and I do not stay in the same location, how do you take our samples?

To qualify for the free home sample collection, choose a date that both of you will be in one location. Alternatively, we charge a flat fee of N5,000 for sample collection within central Lagos. We can also refer you to one of our partner labs for sample collection. if that is a better option for you.

Can you send my results privately, I do not want my fiancee to see results?

We follow strict data protection policy and would never share your test results anyone except you.

Where is your location? I want to pick my result physically.

We are a digital health company and would only send your results by mail or through your health dashbaord

I am afraid of needles, will this be painful?

We will be sending well-trained phlebotomists to take your samples. You should expect a painless experience.

After you take the samples, when will my result be ready?

Results are typically ready in 1-3 days after sample reaches the lab

Is Healthtracka a medical laboratory?

No we are not a lab, we are a digital health platform focused on at-home testing in Africa, we have however partnered with accredited laboratories across the country to provide our users with accurate and reliable test results.

I don’t understand my results, can you interprete for me?

Absolutely, we have medical doctors on standby to review your result with you and provide actionable next steps.

Ready To Take Your Pre-Wedding Screening Test?

Disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advicediagnosis, or treatment.

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