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Get a Cervical Cancer Kit today


Give yourself a chance to live longer with proactive care.

Make your health the priority by taking regular preventive health checks in the comfort of your home.

Give yourself a chance to live longer   with proactive care.
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Fertility & Hormone Profile (Male)

Great for a budget


Basic Includes:

MarkLightIconFollicule Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
MarkLightIconLuteinizing Hormone (LH)
MarkLightIconTestosterone (Total)
MarkLightIconSeminal Fluid Analysis (SFA)
MarkLightIconSemen: Microscopy, Culture & Sensitivity (MCS)

The Healthtracka Male Hormone Profile is ideal for you if

Can't get to the clinic

You do not have the time or energy to visit a laboratory or clinic, and do not like the hospital smell.

No checkup in 6-12 months

You have not had a health checkup in the last 6-12 months

Prevent sudden health issues

You want to prevent the escalation of diseases and health issues that show no physical symptoms before they get out of hand

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

You want to maintain a healthy life, free of sudden illnesses that may slow you down

Assess your risks

You want to know if you are predisposed to any health risk, so you can control and manage them on time.

Prevent wrong diagnosis

You want to prevent medical emergencies and misdiagnosis that could become expensive to manage.

Understand changes required for your health

You want to know what lifestyle changes are required as you grow.

Reduce health costs

You want to reduce your healthcare cost by up to 50% on the long-term by taking regular preventive health checks.

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