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They took care of you; give them good care too.

Give your parents and loved ones the gift of quality healthcare in the comfort of their homes.

What Is Inside?

Regular Health Tests at Home Without Fail.

We are bringing proactive healthcare to their doorstep. Constantly monitoring their blood sugar, lipids, as well as vital organs such as the liver and kidney; to prevent any complications.

Constant medication support and supply.

We will ensure your parents get the drugs they need to manage their health. Delivered at the right time, so they never run out of medications.

Regular access to doctors throughout

the year.

Our licensed doctors are available to regularly review test results and guide you on the best plan for your optimal health. Your parents also get specialist consultations on schedule, where needed.

Progressive health reports with quality insight for better health.

We will send detailed health reports every quarter with recommendations that will help to improve the overall health of your parents.

Unlock more golden years for

them to see you win.

Save up to 70% in treatment costs.

Managing health conditions for the elderly can be expensive, but our proactive care ensures that you are 2 steps ahead of any complications, thereby saving you money on medications and treatment.

More personal time for you and quality care for your loved ones.

With this plan, you can keep a sure eye on your loved ones without worries. Healthtracka is stepping in to ensure they get optimum care. Now, you can conquer your goals knowing that we have you covered.

Timely health information, anywhere you are.

All information about how your health is now accessible wherever and whenever you need it. This means you can make health decisions quickly. 

“I used to struggle with remembering my doctor appointments and following up with my daily routines and medications, but since I found Healthtracka, I have never missed a day. Now, I feel better and enjoy being attended to.”

Adewale O.J.

Why should you get this plan?

This plan is for you if:

Your parents are above 50 and they don’t live with you

Your parents are managing a chronic health condition like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

You don’t have a dedicated healthcare plan for your parents

You don’t have the time to monitor your parent’s doctor’s appointments, tests, etc.

You want to ensure your parents are getting the best healthcare

If this is you, then you should get this elderly care plan today!


Choose a care plan.



Bi-Annual Health Monitoring

Full Blood Count + Inflammation (FBC & ESR) Test

Fasting Blood Sugar

Renal Function Test

Liver Function Test

Cancer Screening


And over 15 more tests.

Access to a personal doctor

Monthly Supplement Supply

Medical Report



Quarterly Health Evaluation

Lipid Profile



Fasting Blood Sugar


Blood Pressure


Access to a Personal Doctor

Monthly Medication Supply

1 Specialist Consultation

Medical Report


Pre-Assessment Health Checks to determine care plan

Quarterly Health Evaluation

Monthly Medication Supply

Access to Personal Doctor

Access to Specialist (as required).

Medical Report

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“I used to struggle with remembering my doctor appointments and following up with my daily

routines and medications, but since I found Healthtracka, I have never missed a day. Now, I feel

better and enjoy being attended to.”

Adewale O.J.

“Since my last sibling left for the UK, I have been struggling with finding a help who can also manage Daddy’s medical conditions. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Healthtracka at the nick of time and they have done a stellar job of taking care of my dad. I get regular reports and confirm from him when we talk on the phone. Healthtracka is fantastic!”

Barbara. W

About Healthtracka

Healthtracka is a digital health platform that offers the best at home health tests in Lagos with easy to read diagnostics test results.

With Healthtracka, you can book your health screening test from the comfort of your home and get your test results within 1-3 days via email.

Our laboratory partners are the best private pathology laboratories at the forefront of diagnostic testing in Nigeria. our partner labs have the highest level of accreditations including ISO and MLSCN certifications.

All test results are reviewed and confirmed accurate by Medical professionals before being released.

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Disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advicediagnosis, or treatment.
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