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10 Government Approved Labs for COVID Test in Lagos For Travellers

The Coronavirus did what many would have never thought possible. For some, everything slowed down, and for others, it came to a complete stop. A lot has changed.

Travelling, for instance, is not the same as before. You now need a COVID-19 PCR test.

Generally speaking, testing in Nigeria is scant even though there are new cases daily. The option to get tested is there through labs that have been approved by the government.

Due to the nature of transmission of COVID-19, there have been many restrictions that have been set up. Travel protocols in Nigeria are different from pre-pandemic times and they are strictly enforced.

If you require a test for travel, you need to use a government-approved lab. If not, results from an unapproved lab will be rejected at the airport.

Getting a swab up your nose, though completely unheard of two years ago, has now become the norm. There are different reasons as to why you may want or need a COVID-19 test. Maybe you feel the symptoms, have been exposed or you need to travel.

If you require a COVID test, you can’t just go anywhere. Here are the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) approved labs to assist in COVID 19 PCR testing.

1. Arrive Alive Diagnostics & Imaging Services (AADIS)

Arrive Alive Diagnostics and Imaging Services has a diagnostic center dedicated for COVID 19 testing. The center has highly advanced equipment that allows for results to be produced faster than it normally takes. AADIS is a lab that HealthTracka works with.

2. DNA Laboratories

The first private lab in Nigeria to be approved by the NCDC (The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control) to carry out Covid-19 testing. They have labs in four other cities; Kano, Kaduna, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

3. Vcare Diagnostics

A Lagos State accredited and NCDC approved lab for COVID testing. They have drive through collection facilities at VI and Ikeja. Vcare Diagnostics is one of the labs that HealthTracka works with.

4. Afriglobal Medicare

Afriglobal Medicare has NCDC approved centers in Lagos; Ikeja, Victoria Island and Ikorodu. Each center is stocked with state of the art lab equipment. Works with HealthTracka.

5. Mecure healthcare limited

Mecure healthcare limited has dedicated COVID-19 testing facilities at Oshodi and Lekki branches. Results can be received within the same day.

6. Lifecenter Medical Diagnostics

Lifecenter Medical Diagnostics has advanced technology, dependable tests and expert staff. Their facility is government approved and adequately stocked with the necessary equipment.

7. Harley and Rainbow Specialized Laboratories

Harley and Rainbow Laboratories, is approved to offer specialised laboratory tests, including COVID 19 tests to the public and particularly to those traveling. They offer quick and reliable results.

8. The Specialist Laboratories

The Specialist Laboratories provides the quickest turnaround time in Nigeria for COVID 19 PCR Testing. Offering sample collection and COVID 19 testing at dedicated test centers only.

9. Medbury Services Limited

Medbury Services Limited provides tests for oil and gas contractors and international travellers. They have five testing centers in Nigeria.

10. Clina Lancet

Clina Lancet is an accredited lab in Nigeria with a network in 14 African countries. The COVID 19 tests results are guaranteed 24-48hours after sample collection.

On top of being tested at a government-approved lab, you need to consider timing, especially for travel. You will need to have tested negative for the COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your departure day.

The different labs have varying times within which results will be ready.

At HealthTracka, we only strictly work with government-approved labs. If you want to travel, you can book a home test with us here and receive your results the same day via email.


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28 thoughts on “10 Government Approved Labs for COVID Test in Lagos For Travellers”

  1. My sister is coming from Paris nest month, she have done covid test ( Negative) she have vaccinated ,
    My question now is !!! What will she do to avoid been delay at Nigeria Airport, when arrived

  2. Pls i have a question my sister is travelling to UK next week she is fully vaccinated. What text is she supposed to do .to avoid any issue in the airport

  3. I’m going back to Canada after spending my Xmas and new year holidays, my question is where can I run COVID-19 test in Lagos? ….Presently at ikeja now.

  4. Makinde Isaiah Seun

    Hi, good day sir, please am traveling to Cyprus on the 7th of next month and have not been vaccinated how can I get this COVID 19 test done and been delay at airport please

  5. please, after running the covid test can it be used at every interval for travelers that want to board flight to different country and also can the result be forwarded to every individual mail address ?

    1. The result is forwarded to individual mail addresses.

      Different countries apply different rules for Covid results. The US for example requires a 24-hr valid result. So the result you are presenting will be determined by what’s required by your destination country.

  6. I live in ikorodu, Lagos and I will be traveling to US by 16th August, 2022. I will like to know how to get the Covid 19 test done here in ikorodu and how much, also will the test be accept by US? Thanks

  7. Good morning, pls my flight date is on 3rd of June this month,when should I visit ur lab for Covid test and pls where is ur lab located cuz am coming from ondo -state

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